Welcome to Bingo Bugle of Nevada, Los Angeles Metro, Orange County and San Bernardino-Riverside. Here are some things you should know about when playing Bingo. Almost all the games in Nevada play a one hour Bingo session. Most of the games are played on paper sheets and a lot of the halls have hand held Bingo computers.

Almost every hall has multiple level buy-ins, example, a $3 buy-in pays $50, a $6 buy-in pays $100, a $9 buy-in pays $150. Many games have jackpot cash prizes that require an extra charge. At any game, try to arrive early and read over their game schedule. If you still have questions, be sure to ask a Bingo agent to help you. The listing of Bingo halls shows their address, game times and phone number for making room reservations. Wherever you decide to play Bingo, have fun and good luck hitting a big jackpot game.

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